Welcome to We appreciate your privacy and also want you to understand what data we accumulate and what we do with it.
From time to time, we may make modifications to this Policy. We will strive to post the changes before they become active. The active information of the most contemporary version of the privacy policy will be published at the head of this page. This customer privacy policy refers to any data we accumulate or acquire about you, from any reference.


We have many domains where subscribers can submit data to us, and we also have specialties that automatically accumulate data from our associates and additional users.

We have particular sections where we ask you to give data to us :

You may enroll with us to use some of our members-only attributes on our website. We may also give the opportunity for you to join with us or sign up for our mailing program without having to use any other product or assistance. During enrollment, you give your “contact data” which recognizes you and how we can reach you, such as your name and mail address) as well as some analytical data which defines certain data about you, such as your country of residency. You may be required to enter an e-mail address and password. We may also request you to give extra data about your music choices so that we can feed to those choices. The enrollment data that you give will be mirrored in the “My Chamkie” division of the help.


From and Mailing Programs. In order to have our subscribers notified about the procedure of our services, we will forward e-mails and notifications that are required for the precise functioning and management of our website and subscription service. For further news about our website, offers, and services, we provide our affiliates the choice of registering our mailing program. We also enable you to decide whether to get mailings from allies and advocates that we think will be of benefit to you. You can always modify your choices in the “My Chamkie” division of the website under the “Edit Profile” subdivision. Each selling e-mail from us will come with guidance for how to unsubscribe from our mailing program.


We have characteristics where you can present data to Chamkie such as when communicating us with a query, problem-related to the assistance. We will hold your emails and other data you present to us for our internal functions, and to assist us to work for you better.
Communications with Fellows. Our website may also have some traits that allow you to convey data to others such as via. We will utilize the contact data you list for your buddies only to forward the email, and then we will erase it from our system.
Interactive Characteristics. We also may grant interactive characteristics, such as communication boards, chat rooms, etc. Remark that all personal data you grant or post via such characteristics becomes public data, and we are not accountable for any data you choose to do public including any online identifier, such as an email address and instant messenger name. We may save such data in an aggregate method but we will not list or maintain such data on a private base. We may observe such business via automated software or staff but only to check for indecency, vilification or other types of offensive expression, which we hold the power to eliminate at any time.


The Cookies, we use an automated software technology called “cookies” for many ideas, depending on the kind of cookie engaged. Within, we use what is usually called “session” cookies, indicating that they only remain as long as you are online. We use those cookies to recognize you as a legitimate subscriber so that we can present tune to you, to assure that no one else can approve on simultaneously with your account from a different machine and to assist us to personalize your service activity based on your enrollment choices such as genre. We may also use session cookies to assist us to promote any promotions or surveys that we present. As part of the sign-in method, we may also use what is generally called “persistent” cookies which linger with you after your session is over and you are offline. We only use these cookies in combination with a sign-in characteristic that enables you to protect your member name and password so that the next time you sign in, these fields will be pre-populated for you.

This cookie is only allowed in combination with specific Associate Sites that prefer to make it accessible and it can only be initiated if you select that choice during your sign-in. If you select this choice you can always deselect it every time you sign-in.
In order to personalize our assistance for your entertainment and to observe and enhance the representation of our technology, we do accumulate/capture other information such as a member’s quests such as their search patterns and results and the tune they heard too. We only share search records or music usage information on a collective basis.
For our private purposes, we collect data such as date, time, connection speed and IP location of all visitants to our website. We hold this data simply for our private security record log, trend report, and system management.

Third Party Advertising and Cookies

In the progression of assisting ads to this website, our third-party sponsor may place or identify a special “cookie” on your browser.


We do not distribute your privately identifiable data with other organizations, apart from those serving as our representatives in providing our assistance to you, all of which accept to use it only for that mission and to keep the data protected and secret. Also, entities into which our firm is merged, or to which our, site or services have been shifted, will be able to use your private data under the terms of this privacy policy. We will also reveal data we have when asked to do so by law, for example, in acknowledgment to a court direction or a subpoena or other legal responsibility, in response to a law enforcement agency’s demand, or in special circumstances when we have basis to think that disclosing this data is necessary to recognize, contact or bring legal action toward someone who may be creating injury to or interference with either intentionally or unintentionally our liberties or property. You should also be conscious that courts of equity, such as U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, may have the power under certain cases to allow your data to be shared or shifted to third parties without your consent.

We may distribute provide and receive with others certain total service data, which is not privately identifiable. This data may include usage and analytical data, but it will not include personal data such as your email address. We may use complete analytical data about our viewers in order to enhance our service, for marketing schemes and/or industry reporting goals.
We partner with third-party broadcasting corporations to serve ads and/or accumulate some data when you hit our website. These organizations may use cookies or web beacons to gather non-personally identifiable data, not including your name, address, email address or phone number during your visit to this website in order to promote show ads on other websites likely to be more enjoyable to you.

SECURITY OF CHAMKIE : attempts to preserve the safety of your personal data and your options for its proposed use. We use safe SSL technology to guard the transmission of delicate data such as your registration, login, and credit card data.
We save your personal data on a safe server and use specialized procedures intended to protect the data we gather from loss, misuse, illegal access or exposure, alteration or damage.


You will always have entrance to your enrollment data, which you can change at any time by clicking on the “Edit Profile” subdivision of the “My Chamkie” area of the website, so long as you extend to provide us with some data required to persevere your subscription such as a valid email address. Also, marketing e-mails from will come with guidance for unsubscribing from our email posting list.


We may also present links to other websites within We are not liable for those other websites and their privacy policies or how they handle data about their Subscribers. We encourage you to examine their privacy policies to find out how they are managing your personal data.