Amazing Chaiwali’s story from a Lawyer to richest Business Women

Amazing Chaiwali’s story from a Lawyer to richest Business Women


We have come across many people making it huge as ‘chaiwalas’ lately that I’m confident that everyone has had at least one idea to leave whatever he or she are doing and become one Chaiwala!
In Indian culture, even today people come together through tea, it has become an integral part of Indians. Whether it is a joyful occasion or a sad moment, tea is widespread.


Here is the unique story, of a ‘chai walli’ this time, which may make you think about the idea seriously.

A 26-year-old Indian-Australian lawyer or businesswoman named Uppma Virdi, aka ‘Chai Walli’, lately astonished everyone when she was bestowed with ‘Australia’s Businesswoman of the Year’.
She was a tea-lover to the core, Virdi felt upset when she didn’t find any place to get flavourful tea after moving to Australia. Thus, she determined to start a ‘chai’ business herself and that is how ‘Chai Walli’ came into existence.

Virdi was presented with the award at the 2016 Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA) at a ceremony held at Sydney.

Virdi, whose grandfather was an Ayurvedic doctor and a herbal tea fanatic, sells different kinds of Ayurvedic tea prepared, through her online tea store. Virdi also started “The art of Chai” workshops, where she teaches people how to make the perfect Tea.
Chai Walli has got a committed online store for retailers worldwide along with a wholesale division also, which provides the Indian tea blend to foodie supermarkets, cafes, food stores, restaurants, and yoga centers.

As Virdi still carry her career as a lawyer, she has surely set an example for those who find it difficult to manage the perfect balance between their profession and their passions. Virdi’s story brings back our belief in the whim that if you truly love something and are good at it, nothing can hinder you from making it a big success.