Here are the 5 fascinating reasons why older woman loves to date younger men

Here are the 5 fascinating reasons why older woman loves to date younger men.


1. Great physical and emotional bonding

As with all new relationships, both the partners attracted to each other, physically and emotionally too. In between of all that great, steamy lovemaking. you also find the time to bond psychologically and emotionally. Both of you get along like a house on fire, he will be adventurous and a risk-taker, on the other hand, you are the stabilizing force in the relationship and are confusion-free. It will be a celebration for the first few months before you hit your first bump on the travel. Make the most of this beautiful time because there is a lot you can learn from each other. There is also a possibility that the difference in your personalities will come in the way of your relationship. But till then it will be one roller-coaster ride you won’t regret one bit.


2. You will miss a ‘grown-up’ conversation

Remember the time when you wished for a strong advice related to a bleak office environment, but all you got was ‘either ignore the idiot or let’s beat the idiot’. Let’s face it having a ‘grown-up’ conversation is practically missing in this relationship. No one is at fault. Your man has not seen enough of the world to give you a sound word of advice on something he has not witnessed so far. But just because he cannot offer you advice, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel any love for you. It is something you need to make peace with and learn to appreciate the good in the relationship just as much as acknowledge the bad.



3. You are the constant object of affection

We can imagine just why younger men fall for you, you have been on this earth for longer than them, you are more seasoned. You usually don’t play games, you know exactly what you want well, most of the time and we are not afraid to tell them just that. There is, and the sooner you confess it about yourself, the better it is for you, something sexy about all those qualities in a woman. A younger man loves these things about you. His twinkling puppy eyes convey those feelings and since he mostly comes with less baggage, it makes him an exciting and fun companion.



4. You have to come to terms with a vastly different circle of friends

Meeting each other’s friends can be one awkward moment. His guy friends see you as their friend’s trophy while you are a juicy gossip topic for his female friends. The last time you met a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters was in college, good ten years ago. And the same goes for your partner when he is introduced to your friends. While your guy friends are busy wondering what on earth you are doing with a kid half your age, your girlfriends are probably jealous of you.


5. You become his pseudo-mother

Being the older one, chances are you have an established career while the young chap is still taking baby steps in his career. It is not unnatural for you to give him constant advice related to career. Not just in the professional life, he becomes emotionally dependant on you and seeks comfort. A relationship with a younger man can be a tricky one when you become more of sugar-mommy than a partner. However cute it may appear to others, the last thing any woman would want is taking care of a man-child partner.