A Man From Gujarat Adopted 472 Girls and Spent 25 Crores

A Man From Gujarat Adopted 472 Girls and Spent 25 Crores


Meet the Man from Gujarat Who Has Adopted 472 Girls and even Spends Rs. 5 Lakhs on their Marriage!

In countries like India, where we have people throwing girl kid on roads and sewers, but we have a gentleman from Gujarat State who raises those abandoned girls who had lost their dads and provides them a safe life by doing their Marriage.

A businessman named Mahesh Savani, from Raparda Village of Bhavnagar in Gujarat who shares his businesses in diamonds, realty estate, and education. He is a father to 470 orphan girls, which makes him unique among all other businessmen in the country.

About 10 years ago, Savani had lost his dearest brother in a road mishap, after which he rose up on his own to play a role of a father in his nieces’ marriage. This event made him consider about those girls who had lost their fathers somehow and there is no one to take responsibility for them. Savani knows this very well, that how tough it is to raise and get a girl child married, for a lady who has lost her husband.

Savani tells that they offer a girl, with clothes, utensils, ornaments and five house appliances during her marriage. He has been arranging mass marriages from past 5 years and is a proud father of numerous girls now. He gives gold and household things, including sofa set and beds to a girl and contributes around 5 Lakhs on each marriage, so that the girl can begin their happy wedded life with the boy.

He also arranged the Hindu, Muslim and Christian marriages on December 25, 2016. He states that he feels proud of organizing mass marriages, in which his own son named Mitul and his uncle’s son Jay also got married.

He is a great businessman and a famous personality of Gujrat, who has taken the lead to get fatherless girls married. He becomes their dad, taking all the promises of a father during their “Marriage”. He takes accountability for every bride on him for all his life. Girls also feel fortunate to get a responsible father like Mahesh Savani.