India’s First Luxury Hotel for Dogs !

India’s First Luxury Hotel for Dogs !

Dogs are blissful creations. No surprise puppy parents treat them like their own babies and go to high lengths to plunder them in a silly way.

Well, we have got a great news for all those who like pampering their dogs.
The hotel named Critterati is in the Gurugram in India and is the very first in South Asia to serve exclusively for puppies.

The Chief executive of Critterati is Deepak Chawla who started the hotel to serve dog lovers with a choice to treat their pet to luxury. He said, ‘An pet is more faithful than human beings, pets will do anything for humans so they deserve it.’

Critterati provides the dogs a large bed with a velvet headboard, television and a separate dog-flap heading onto a balcony.

A one night stay at this expensive hotel costs around INR 4,500. There are also other packages available in this hotel according to the luxury you choose, ranging from INR 2,600 per night.

The pooches can enjoy a shower in the rooftop swimming pool and also get a spa made with ayurvedic massage oils which are done by professional masseurs.

At the hotel, there are a veterinary available 24-hours and a medical unit with an operating theatre is being organized and there is also a playroom to make your dogs feel at home. And it has also got a Dog cafe that provides the best paw-licking foods.

The menu card in the cafe serves rice and chicken, muffins, pancakes, and ice-cream, with bacon and vanilla, a particular favorite, all that can be reached down with non-alcoholic pup beer from Belgium.

Mr. Deepak described the schedule of the day, starting from 7 am with potty breaks, then breakfast and then again a potty break after that there is a play session for about two hours later swimming sessions and then again play sessions.