Why TIK TOK App user committed suicide ??

Indian who committed suicide due to TIK TOK App


Teased for Wearing Women’s Dresses in Social Media Videos, Chennai Man commits suicide due to bullying on TIK TOK App

A 24-year-old man V.Kalaiyarasan from the Vyasarpadi in northern Chennai used to publish self-made videos of him through the TikTok app.

The policemen stated that the man was so overloaded by the constant teasing from his family, friends, neighbors and even supporters that he decided to commit suicide.

According to the policemen, Kalaiyarasan’s smartphone was missing at the place of his death when his body was recovered. Further investigation with family members revealed that he was taunted for dressing women’s clothes in his videos, with many of his fans marking him as a transgender. His social media performance was criticized by his family members as well.

In his last video Kalaiyarasan posted, he said that “I will do things which I prefer to. I cannot be bullied by those who harass. Although I have uploaded several videos in a male performance, why do the haters remain to bully me when I am posing as a female?”

Policemen told that Kalaiyarasan’s social media records are being completely investigated to obtain further evidence.

Four Girls were arrested for making a vulgar video on TIK TOK

As everybody knows that it is a very trending subject on social media websites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. Everybody has gone crazy over this issue.

Four girls from the north part of India, who are social media celebrities wanted to increase their popularity using the Tik Tok App. They got a tremendous following in the social media they took this as an advantage and tried to post a vulgar video. In which these four girls started to act in an unethical way that may hurt the emotions of the other gender using the popular song “Isme Tera Ghata”.

In tik tok app these girls tried to act using TERA GHATA SONG by pointing to their private parts which were really very offensive and received a huge hate from netizens and lately they were arrested for performing such illicit act on social media.

They even lost respect in their family and acquaintances. People are even started bullying and criticizing other people who have made stupid videos on TIK TOK.